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How to ensure rapid and reliable production lead time?

Are you getting the following pains in production environment?

- Order is late

- WIP is high

- Finished Goods inventory is high

- Cash flow pressure

- Silo mentality among departments

- Production lead time is long

- Loss of customers

- Too many rush orders

- Orders' prorities are always shifting

- Materials/parts are not available when needed

Drum-buffer-rope is the Theory of Constraints production application. DBR is a robust and dependable process that will allow us to produce more, with less inventory, less rework/defects, and better on-time delivery – always.

Buffer management is the second part of this solution.  We use buffer management to guide the way in which we tune the motor for peak performance.

Typically, the expected results for production lead time will be reducted around 50% and due-date performance will be increased to over 95%.