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Data-Driven Intelligent Business Planning for Supply Chain management consultant's Offer - Solution for Profits, Satisfaction by Results

DataDevelop Consulting Ltd. is a result-oriented management consulting firm, that specializes in providing Data-Driven Intelligent Business Planning for Supply Chain and Logistic improvement projects by Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean, Six Sigma TLS synergy, SCOR modeling best practices with digital supply chain transformation. Over the last 30 years, we have successfully established many improvement projects through TOC, Lean, Six Sigma, SCOR DS, Robotic Process Automation, iPaaS, and ERP business process modeling for practical bottom-line improvement in different industries. 


We are committed to helping our customers to succeed by increasing cash flow velocity and by maximizing profitability without real risks.

OUR OFFER - FREE 2 hours of consultation


Your successful outcomes

In this 2 hours, we will work together to determine your criteria for success and the majority of our fees will be paid if the criteria are met.


Your risk protection

After the free 2 hours meeting, if you would like to accept our offer, up to 90% of our consultant fees are paid according to meeting the mutually agreed criteria.


Results-based approach

Because we do the results-based consulting, we ensure the first step(s) we take provide quick substantial results. This ensures buy-in throughout your organization.



Quality People Help Customer to Succeed


We present you the various topics of business consultations, from which you can choose the one that interests you. We provide consulting services online and in our offices. Under any circumstances, it is client's discretion to select the appropriate services in relation to a transformation project.


Our best experts are co-working for the best result. The synergistic effect of our decisions is achieved through a well-established pattern of interaction between our experts and key specialists of the client's company.


Ms. F. L. HO, Factory Manager, Sabrina Scala Leatherware Ltd.

It is professional, easy to learn, to enhance co-operation of the internal business units and achieve a healthy inventory, profit doubled!

Deputy Head of Supply Chain