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How to sustain workflow productivity through our visual accelerator and gamification of learning experience?

In the Sustainable Workflow Productivity Experience will explore the topic of managing workflow effectively.

To begin the workshop, you will investigate and test the theory surrounding the topic: “why is it so difficult to manage the flow of work”. Through this investigation you will drill down into the core issues inhibiting productivity as well as understand how variability, both internal and external, intensifies the problem.

Once the problem is clearly defined, you will explore the solution and possible implementation methodologies.


The workshop is the first step towards implementing a solution to create the following effects in your business:

- Increased throughput

- Increased visibility

- Increased responsiveness to market demand

- Decreased operating expenses

- Improved on time delivery

- Improved product mix and ‘profitable product’ decisions

Ultimately the workshop will leave you with new and different ways to improve business productivity.